Thursday, April 30, 2009

Inkjet Cartridge All About

Do you know what is actually Inkjet Cartridge? If don't, it is actually like a plastic box called cartridge that hold ink inside of it. At the bottom, it has print nozzle for the ink out from the cartridge.

The color of ink divided into four basic color. It is black, red, blue and yellow. By combination of this four type of color, it can produce many color such as pink, green, purple, orange and many more. When the ink going to low, we still can refill the cartridge. This is one of the advantage using inkjet cartridge. The ink can be bought in computer stall.

The four basic color is separated into four cartridge. That's mean, one cartridge, one color. You cannot combine this four color into one cartridge. This is because it will not perform as well like we need. For example, it cannot produce purple color if we join together all four color into one cartridge. This is because, to make purple color, it need to combine red color and blue color. Not all four color.

Many people are now going to use this kind of inkjet cartridge printer. This is because, this type of cartridge are low cost. When it ink going to low, you can refill it. Just buy the ink in computer stall just for few bucks.

Many big company especially in printer produce inkjet cartridge. This is because many people love to use inkjet cartridge. It is low cost and easy to use. The result also satisfaction.

Inkjet Cartridge

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